a chrono trigger speedrun tournament


Defeat Magus Tournament, DMT for short, is a speedrun tournament created for everyone that loves this game and those who want to approach the speedrun. Organized for the first time in 2015 by ElGranJerry, he aimed to bring new and old runners together for exposure and growth in the community. The speedrun is only 2hrs long implementing many strategies and glitches.


The Chrono Trigger community, especially in the last year, has improved the route for the game. Slow and easy or faster and harder. No matter what strategy you follow. The important thing is to defeat Magus!

Video tutorial

Some of ours runners not only worked on text, but they made complete tutorials. ElGranJerry made a two part Magus% tutorial for the last tournament and CronoKirby made a complete 6 hours 100% tutorial where he explains all about the game. Both are great tutorials and they will help you!